Procrastination personified!

I admit it! I procrastinated when it came to posting our family Christmas Day photos. I have two excuses:

  • I used my brand-new Christmas gift camera lens to take the pictures.
  • I wasn’t thrilled with the results I got, and processing the pictures took time.

I am excited about this lens. A Christmas gift from Bob, it is a 35mm prime lens that takes very good pictures in low light, even without a flash. It’s reasonably fast. It produces sharp pictures, and it is  inexpensive, small, and light-weight. I am getting some great bird pictures when I put it on my camera and go to the park. You can see some examples here. However, on Christmas Day, I was photographing indoors, partly in low light and partly with bright windows in the background, and I just haven’t learned how to do that very well…yet. So here are a few pictures from Christmas Day. You can see more in my Christmas Day gallery on SmugMug. I hope you like them, and I hope to produce sharper pictures by the next family get-together. You learn to take better pictures by taking LOTS of pictures, and that is what I am doing!

12__2012_family_0168 12__2012_family_0266 12__2012_family_0274 12__2012_family_0299

About Trail Walker

I'm an enthusiastic amateur photographer and nature lover, inviting you to join me on my trail walks.
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