About Me

CarolynI’m Skip, and I am a Blipper, i.e. a photographer who posts one picture per day at a fantastic website called Blipfoto.com. When I retired in 2000 and discovered the wonders of digital cameras, I took up photography as a hobby. I am also a lover of nature who is blessed to be able to get outside with my camera for a daily walk. Most of my walks are in the Metropark that is only five minutes from my home, but sometimes I go farther afield. When I do, I note that in the blog.

For over three years I have been posting pictures on Blipfoto, where the main rule is that you can only post one photo, or blip, per day and each photo must have been taken on the date for which you posted it. On rare occasions I experience a blipless day, but most days I have multiple pictures from which to choose just one. To date, I have posted over 2000 “blips”. From now on, the ones that don’t make it to Blipfoto will be posted in this photoblog, so essentially this is my nature photography portfolio. If you enjoy the pictures you see here, please leave an occasional comment to let me know.

Photo by Carrie…January 2011 in North Chagrin Reservation

Skip aka Carolyn

5 Responses to About Me

  1. Donna says:

    Howard, Wickett’s friend told me about this web site. Quite interesting.
    See you at the park.
    Donna and Darby

  2. pixilated2 says:

    Skip, your photography is beautiful! Thanks for visiting me today on the Farmlet! ~ Lynda

  3. Carrie says:

    how on earth has it been 6 years since that photo was taken?

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