Our 50th anniversary

Although it is a little hard to believe, in November 2009, Bob and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary. On the actual anniversary, November 27th, which was Thanksgiving Day, we drove to Williamsburg, Virginia for a mini-second honeymoon. The weather was wonderful, much better than our first visit to Williamsburg 50 years earlier. On the way, we stopped for a wonderful Thanksgiving brunch at the Greenbriar Resort. The next morning we took a tour of Thomas Jefferson’s home at Monticello and then drove on to Williamsburg for a two day stay. That was our first 50th anniversary celebration.

The second 50th anniversary celebration, a gift from our “children”, was at The Homestead Resort in Hot Springs, Virginia, in July 2010. It was a very special time, made even more special by all the arrangements our girls had made.  As they all expected, I took lots and lots of pictures that never fail to bring back wonderful memories.

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