Strange names!

Some birds have the strangest names, don’t they?
Take a close look at this one:


He is a yellow-bellied sapsucker. Now that’s a strange name, but a logical one when you learn that he drills holes in the trees so he can suck out the nutrient-rich sap. Not only does the sapsucker benefit from the sap, many other birds and insects drink from these wells also. Look closely at the picture, and you can see a faint line of holes in the trunk of the tree. Those are the wells. Birds are truly amazing, aren’t they?

I posted more bird pictures from my morning photo walk on my other blog, if you are interested.

See you soon for another walk here in northeast Ohio.

Carolyn aka Skip

About Trail Walker

I'm an enthusiastic amateur photographer and nature lover, inviting you to join me on my trail walks.
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