Rainy weather again!

The marsh at North Chagrin

After a very wet weekend, Monday dawned with sunshine and blue skies. Then came Tuesday…more grey skies and chilly temperatures. The transition from summer to fall is seemingly speeding ahead like an express freight train headed down the track. Just one week ago, the colors I saw in the Arboretum were brilliant. Yesterday they were dull, and many trees have lost more leaves than I would have expected in mid-October. The picture above was taken today in North Chagrin Reservation. The colors are still there, but beginning to fade.I think photography has made me increasingly aware of the seasonal changes. I notice things now that would have gone unnoticed before I started to look at the world through the lens of my Nikon. Some more colorful sights from the past week…

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To see the changes that have occurred in the past week, just compare the pictures in the slideshow above with these pictures from a week ago. I’m not sure why it matters to me so much. Maybe I am just regretting the loss of color. Winter is so monochromatic: black, white, and grey. Today I will celebrate fall in all its glorious hues!

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I'm an enthusiastic amateur photographer and nature lover, inviting you to join me on my trail walks.
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2 Responses to Rainy weather again!

  1. I love these photos. Love the reflection of the trees in the lake too. 🙂

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